Welcome to Elijah Iles' House

  • Dinner Bell Restoration Celebration at the Strawbridge-Shepherd House.

    Wed. 4 May, at 10 a.m.: the original dinner bell that called in the farm hands to the Strawbridge-Shepherd House, first used ca. 1880, has been reinstalled by the side porch. Please come meet the Shepherd descendants who donated it, and listen to the first ringing of it in a half-century! Hosted by the Questers group and the Elijah Iles House Foundation. All welcome.

  • Springfield's African American Heritage Sites

    Archaeologists at Fever River Research will discuss recent research and findings of fascinating histories and historically significant sites. The researchers will present slides and narrations, answer questions, and discuss opportunities at this forum hosted by the City. Wednesday, February 27, 5:30 p.m. The Carnegie Room Springfield Lincoln Library at the corner of 7th and Capitol We invite the community to learn more about our City’s past and potential for our future. African American history …

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