Welcome to Elijah Iles' House


    Iles House opens for the season on Sat. 30 April from noon to 4 p.m., and will be open every Sat. till (including) 15 Oct.

  • Dinner Bell Restoration Celebration at the Strawbridge-Shepherd House.

    Wed. 4 May, at 10 a.m.: the original dinner bell that called in the farm hands to the Strawbridge-Shepherd House, first used ca. 1880, has been reinstalled by the side porch. Please come meet the Shepherd descendants who donated it, and listen to the first ringing of it in a half-century! Hosted by the Questers group and the Elijah Iles House Foundation. All welcome.

  • Private Performance for Iles House Volunteers, Members and Friends Only.

    To all members, volunteers and friends of the Elijah Iles House: You are invited to a special preview screening of “The Mysterious Bard of Sangamo” "The Mysterious Bard of Sangamo," a play in two acts by John Hallwas, professor emeritus of English and History, Western Illinois University, and starring Chicago-based actor Victor Holstein, is an intimate recital and conversation with early Springfield poet John Hancock, who lived and roamed Springfield and Sangamon County from 1833-1847. Original…

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