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1830s Historic Home Open To The Public In Springfield

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We are located at 628 S. 7th St., Springfield, IL 62703
This is at the corner of 7th and Cook Streets

  • Oldest House in Springfield
  • Contains Original Siding, Interior Wood Work, Hardware, Flooring, and Walls
  • Abraham Lincoln Frequently Visited
  • Springfield Museum on Lower Level
  • Barringer Collection of Furniture and Accessories
  • Available for Social or Business Event Rental

Iles House Events Calendar

Wednesday, December 06, 2017 5:00 PM • Elijah Iles House
Saturday, December 09, 2017 1:00 PM • 628 S. 7th Street
Saturday, December 16, 2017 5:00 PM • Elijah Iles House

Videos of Iles House Fireside Chats in 2017

The Elijah Iles House hosted three Wednesday evening Fireside Chats in September focusing on the women in Lincoln’s Springfield life.  Two chat videos are available for viewing below:


September 6: Bonnie Paull, The Women in Lincoln’s Neighborhood. (video now available at the following link: Bonnie Paull Fireside Chat)

September 13, Richard Hart, Cousin Lizzie: Elizabeth Todd Grimsley Brown. (video now available at the following link: Cousin Lizzie: Elizabeth Jane Todd Grimsley Brown, with Richard E. Hart

September 20, Erika Holst, The Women in Lincoln’s Family.

Other Events at the Elijah Iles House


Looking Back  Looking Forward


Looking Back  Looking Forward, features historic photographs of the Iles House and its residents as well as photographs from the time the house was moved in 1998 until present. On display are several important drawings of the Iles House of the future, including the dream of a new carriage house for additional display and work space.

2017 Porch Chats Available for Online Viewing:

On Friday, June 23, 2017, the Iles House hosted Thomas Lincoln, a Roundtable Discussion, focusing on the character of Thomas Lincoln and his relationship with his famous son, Abraham. This subject has become increasingly controversial as more and more researchers have begun to doubt the traditional view that Thomas was illiterate, an indolent worker and mediocre craftsman, and a father who stood in the way of Abraham’s efforts to educate himself.

Five panelists engaged in a spirited and lively discussion of newly appreciated evidence belying that view:
William E. Bartlett, author of There I Grew Up: Remembering Abraham Lincoln’s Indiana Youth;
Brian Dirck, Author of Lincoln in Indiana and Professor of History at Anderson University in Indiana;
Steve Haaff, woodworker and expert on Thomas Lincoln furniture;
Matthew Mittelstaedt, Site Manager at the Lincoln Log Cabin Historic Site, Coles County, Illinois;
R. Dale Ogden, Chief Curator of History and Culture, Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites.

The discussion was moderated by Richard E. Hart, historian and author from Springfield, Illinois. It is about 80 minutes long.  Click HERE to view.

Ongoing: Our Fabulous collection of Illinois pocket watches and 
Sangamo Electric clocks in the Farrell and Ann Gay Museum of
 Springfield History, Iles House, lower level.  Come pay us a visit!


2016 Fireside Chats Now Online


This fall, the Iles House presented its annual "Fireside Chats" series to enthusiastic audiences.  These have also been videotaped and are accessible by clicking on the links below:


An Evening with Mark McDonald: Join Mark as he speaks about his career producing his well-regarded “Illinois Stories” for WSEC Network Knowledge, and shares his and Dr. Gregory Mishkel’s newly won Emmy Award in the Interview/Discussion category for “Cardia: Hearts and Sciences.” (38 minutes)

Establishing SpringfieldLinda Garvert speaks on the men and politics involved in the creation and early growth of Springfield, beginning with the first settlers and concluding with the issuance of Springfield’s city charter in 1840. (45 minutes)

Archaeological Investigations for the Carpenter Street Underpass Project: Floyd Mansberger relates stories of the excavation and research of buildings on Tenth Street between Madison and Mason Streets as a prerequisite to construction of the high speed rail line through Springfield.  He describes how his company, Fever River Research, selected where to excavate, and how the artifacts they found there speak about the lives of the people who lived in the Badlands area before it was destroyed by fire in the 1908 race riots. (52 minutes) NOTE: late in this video, a very long web address leads to a PDF file of the official report to the Federal Railroad Administration, but you can easily reach it by clicking here. (It’s a long report and may take a while to download.)

Last summer, the Iles House sponsored a series of “Porchside Chats” on a variety of subjects, presented by distinguished Springfieldians and Lincoln Historians.  Each of these was videotaped, and now four of them are available online.  To view these chats, just click on the title.

Strozier vs. HartCharles Strozier and Richard Hart debate the relationship between Abraham Lincoln and his Father, Thomas.

A Life Spent With LincolnDr. Wayne Temple, an eminent Lincoln Scholar recalls his academic life spent researching and writing about our 16th President, interviewed by Dave Joens.

Lincoln's First Year in IllinoisJudge Ron Spears gives an account of Lincoln’s early life in Illinois, with emphasis on The Lincoln Homestead State Park near Decatur.

The Admiral's Sea StoriesRetired VADM Ron Thunman, who was in charge of the U.S. Navy’s Atlantic submarine fleet, tells stories of his time in the service, including the finding of the Titanic.

Iles House News Updates

The Elijah Iles House has an ADA compliant entrance at the rear.

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